K-9 Unit Expansion and Support

Funds raised during the annual foundations chief breakfast purchased a new police dog, as well as a K-9 patrol vehicle with all equipment required to transport and house the dog.  The Foundation continues to help the Department expand and support its K-9 Unit to provide an important public safety resource. In addition to patrol operations you can see the PPD’s police K-9 demonstrations and community events throughout the year. The foundations efforts are further supported with the sale of PPD K-9 plush toys and accessories which can be purchased from the K-9 officers or contacting the PPD Community Services (626)744-4551.

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There has been significant progress in the reduction of crime using our police dogs, proven by the following statistics for 2018:

$2,066,505 US Currencies seized assisting Feds or other agencies

123 explosive and narcotics deployments

543 responses to burglar alarms

33 suspect searches with 6 arrests made

 112.4 pounds of cocaine recovered

97 pounds of methamphetamine recovered

26 pounds of heroin recovered

11 firearms alerts and recoveries

$750,000 US Currencies seized by Pasadena PD

How can you help keep our Crown City safe?

Two of our highly trained police dogs are retiring! Chief Perez has requested our assistance and monetary support to acquire and train two new members of our K-9 team. The cost of getting a trained dog onto patrol is approximately $26,000.

 We need one new dog this year!

 Our goal is to raise enough money this year to pay for one new police dog and to raise the money for a second dog next year.

With your help, we can do this.

Whether you donate $20, $50 or $100, it all helps toward the goal of adding one new dog this year.