The Board of Directors of the Pasadena Police Foundation is comprised of, but not limited to, devoted community business professionals, clergy and community leaders. Since its inception, the Foundation has accomplished various projects focused on helping the Pasadena Police Department serve the community. While providing funds for worthy police-sponsored projects, many members of the Foundation Board also serve as volunteers in police-sponsored events, such as the 1999 Summer Games, Citizen's Police Academy and Review Boards. In addition the Foundation sponsors an annual “Breakfast with the Chief of Police,” hosted specifically to inform the community of the goals and accomplishments of the Pasadena Police Department.


Beatriz Martinez

Robert Monzon

Musheer Rasheed

Kristen Roesch

Hovannes Sarkissian

Spencer Schultz

Gary Simonian

Mike Tao

Mitch Akin, President

Gilbert Mares, Vice-President

Felicia Williams, Secretary

Janie Fogg, Treasurer

John Bledsoe

Brandon Carroll

Michele Coudures

Susan Kinney

Harry Kouladjian

Advisory Council

Angela Hawekotte

Tom Kester

Art Saldivar

Tom Selinski

Adam Weiss


Bob Baderian

Ronald Berry

Marilyn Buchanan

John C. Cushman

Catherine Haskett Hany


Chief John E. Perez

PPD Liaisons

Commander Jason Clawson, Adjutant to Cheif of Police

Lieutenant Sean Dawkins